Scooter – Fire (angol-magyar dalszöveggel)

Scooter – Fire   Switch off the lights, and close your eyes. Feel the energy inside. Chillibow, chillibow, chillibow. Fire!!! Fire!!! Allright! Sharp in the mix. Get the pressure! You’ve had the time to rest, which is coming to an end and we start again. Back to the family, a guaranteed emergency, the radical MC HP’s got the melody. Back ...

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Scooter – How Much Is The Fish (angol-magyar dalszöveggel)

Scooter – How mutch is the fish   The chase is better the the catch. Transforming the tunes we need your support If youve got the breath back. Its the first page of the second chapter! I want you back for the rhythm-attack coming down on the floor like a maniac. I want you back for the rhythm-attack. get down ...

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Scooter – Rebel Yell (angol-magyar dalszöveggel)

Scooter – Rebel Yell In the midnight hour!!! Last night my little dancer, came dancing to my door Last night my little angel, came pumping on the floor She said, ‘oh come on baby! I got a license for love! …and if it expires, PRAY HELP FROM ABOVE!!!’..because, In the midnight hour, she cried more! more! more! With a rebel ...

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